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4th Jan 2015

Ask how old they are, if they are under 15 don’t let them in.

If answer is 15 -

Ask for birthday and verify, if person takes too long or provides the wrong answer, do not proceed any further since the person cannot be honest.

Have you ever been in an UEG clan before?

If answer is yes, contact a UEG lieutenant or captain immediately.

If answer is yes, why did they leave, or did they get booted?

Have you ever played with a modder or cheater in matchmaking?

UEG stands for United Extreme Gaming. We are a professional gaming community, and we want to be neutral with other communities. We must treat other gamers and professional gaming communities with respect. 

If you wish to remain in the community and move up the ranking structure you should be active every week with the branch you are in.

You cannot create Your UEG gamer tag until you are promoted to the rank of Master Chief.

UEG members cannot be part of another gaming community on any game or console. 

Breaking the Code of Conduct could result in getting banned without warning. Violations, among other things, consist of:

Trash talking
Discrimination of any kind
Aggressive Behavior towards other gamers

We have a zero tolerance policy for starting drama in the community.

Have to be respectful to everyone in and outside of the community.

There are different squads in each branch, you can’t join a squad until you sign up on the website and officially become a member. You will be informed more about the different squads at a later time.(if they are really interested and wish to hear more at this time you can elaborate on the available squads, otherwise skip that part).

There are Branch meetings, and squad practices every week. When you are invited to these you should join asap, (finish any matchmaking game you are in, then join)

We have a website and you are required to sign up for the website within one week and while you’re there go to forums and register your gamertag in there as well, try to use the forums on a regular bases and feel free to check out the other info on there. Our Branch name is UEG 1st Strike.

We have to have a Uniform, for new recruits it will be the drone symbol. It shows what rank you are in the community, and your familiarity and dedication to the community, and it shows what Branch you are in. You have to have uniform at all times. If you are out of uniform, removed and banned from the community at your Captains discretion.

Are you still interested in joining UEG?

If so tell them to put on the uniform on it will have the armor primary Silver, emblem primary is White and emblem secondary White and the emblem background will be Red and have your symbol as the drone and the Blank background.

Also change your Location to UEG 1st Strike followed by RCT

Make sure that you send them the website/forum in a message.

Finally explain about the Branch Tag, and have them add it to their friends list.

Double check their Motto and Bio to make sure they changed it.

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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