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Joined: 7th Jan 2014
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25th Dec 2014

Symbol: Drone

Abbreviation: RCT / UEGr
Description: The rank of recruit is a one week trial period where you as a member are assessing whether UEG is a good fit for you. In essence, you are a guest to the community.

Symbol:  Flaming Ninja

Abbreviation: PVT / UEG9
Pre-Requisites: Must have signed up for the website
Description: After registering for the website and spending roughly 7 days at recruit you will be promoted to private. At this point you must know how to conduct yourself according to the rules outlined in the code of conduct. As a private you are still new to the clan and you should focus on spending time with members from your branch and getting your name out. Once you reach the rank of private you will also be given the option to join a squad. 

Symbol: Spartan

Abbreviation: CPL / UEG8
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for PVT and you must know the ranking structure Description: As a corporal you should focus on remaining active and participating in clan activities and showing up for meetings. Making friends around the community will be highly beneficial. It will make your UEG experience more exciting and fulfilling. 

Symbol: Runes (Toggled)

Abbreviation: SGT / UEG7
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for CPL and you must know the Code of Conduct and FAQs
Description: Upon reaching the rank of sergeant you should be familiar with all off UEG’s regulations and structure. You should focus on learning a version of the recruiting speech whether it is the one found on the site, one provided by your captain, or one you made up on your own. It is also a good idea that you start showing initiative in the clan and a desire to help. Begin helping out new recruits and showing them around the clan and help familiarize them with your clan’s routine. 

Staff Sergeant  
Symbol: Triad

Abbreviation: S.SGT / UEG6
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for SGT and you have learned and perfected your recruiting speech. You have also shown a desire to help and become a leader in the community.
Description: As a  Staff Sergeant   you have reached the point where you are now allowed to recruit for the community. Your main focus should be training and helping RCTs, PVTs, CPLs, and SGTs however you may also recruit if you desire. 

Master Chief  
Symbol: Stuck (Toggled)

Abbreviation: MC / UEG5
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for SS and you should have established yourself as a valuable member in the community. You will also want to have a very good recruiting speech.
Description: Upon reaching  Master Chief   you have distinguished yourself as someone who a devoted member in the community and you have also proven that you are willing to work a little in order to better you branch. Because of this, you are now allowed to get a UEG gamer tag once it is approved by your Captain and RA. As a MC your primary goal should be recruiting new members into the clan. You also may want to show initiative in helping out with squad practices and clan functions such as meetings and events. The more you do and stand out, the more likely you are to move up to LT. 

Lieutenant Commander 
Symbol: Delta

Abbreviation: LT / UEG4
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for MC and you must have proven yourself as a dedicated and motivated member and leader in UEG.
Description: As a LT your job in a branch can be described in three words: “Assist the Captain”. Your main duty as an LT is to help run the day to day operations of the clan. This includes promoting members up to SGT, handling drama if applicable, running squads, holding meetings, and even recruiting. Your job is to do what you captain and commander simply don’t have time to complete. When the captain and commander are offline, it is the LT’s job to ensure the clan is running properly. It is also recommended that you take initiative and offer to help plan branch events such as tournaments and various other clan activities. 

Symbol: Valkyria (Toggled)

Abbreviation: CMDR or Commander / UEG3
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for LT and you must be an established LT who has shown a willingness to devote yourself to the clan. You have also spent at a minimum of 3 months at LT and have successfully run a squad as well as several clan practices or meetings 
Description: As a commander your primary duty is to assist the captain in achieving the goals he/she has laid down for the branch. You are second in command of your branch so in the absence of your captain you are in charge. As a commander you are allowed to promote up to MC at your own discretion and you are also allowed access to the clan tag. Upon reaching the rank of commander you are required to leave your squad and change your background to vertical gradient . Commander is a training position where you learn from your captain how to run a successful branch in UEG. 

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Joined: 7th Jan 2014
Rank: Sergeant
Likes 8
25th Dec 2014

Symbol: Valkyria

Abbreviation: CPT or Captain / UEG3
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for Commander and you must be an established commander who has either split off a clan to create a new one or stepped up to captain after the current captain left.
Description: As a  Captain your job   is to maintain your branch and ensure it is structured and functioning properly. You are also required to create and maintain a Clan Tag for organizational purposes. Your duties as a captain included but are not limited to: Promoting up to MC at your own discretion and up to LT with the help of your RA, overseeing your LTs and their squads, ensuring your clan is structured with sufficient leadership, handling drama situations and issuing bans where necessary. As a captain the only person you report to is your RA. You should speak with your RA at least once a week and give them a status report on your branch 

Rear Admiral 
Symbol: Jolly Roger

Abbreviation: RA / UEG2
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for Captain and you must have been a captain for at least 3 months and proven that you can successfully run and split a branch.
Description: As a RA your duty is to oversee numerous branches and ensure the branch is growing in accordance to the UEG Regulations. Ensure that all the Captains, Commanders, and LTs are doing their duties and staying active within the branch. You are responsible for overseeing all Captain, Commander, and LT promotions in your branches. You should report to your VA and inform them on the progress of the branches you are overseeing as often as possible. You are also required to approve all UEG tag requests from inside your branches. RAs should also be on the Clan tag for all the branches they oversee. Upon reaching the rank of RA you are allowed to add an “XO” at the end of your UEG tag. XO stands for Executive Officer. RAs may be elected to the UEG Council. 

Vice Admiral 
Symbol:  Skull King

Abbreviation: VA / UEG1
Pre-Requisites: All pre-requisites for RA and you must have proven that you can successfully run multiple branches.
Description: As a VA your job is to watch over a division of UEG and ensure all the RAs are keeping up with their branches as well as ensuring all branches are running properly. There are currently 5 divisions in UEG: 3 in  Halo 3 , 1 in COD4: Modern Warfare, and 1 in COD: World at War. It is also a VA’s duty to maintain a division tag and ensure that all members LT or higher in the division are on the tag. The tag should be used to quickly dispense information to members in your divisions when necessary. VAs are also permitted to promote up to RA within their division but should report all RA and captain promotions to their Admiral. VAs are also responsible for choosing a Senior RA and  Senior Captain   from their division to help dispense information down through the ranks. VAs also serve on the UEG Council. 

Symbol: Phoenix

Abbreviation: Admiral / UEG0
Pre-Requisites: You must be a VA and you must be appointed by UEG TWSTDHEL CO
Description: There are currently two Admirals in UEG. UEG TWSTDHEL CO (formerly known as UEG BOSS CO) is the founder of UEG and is the Senior Admiral of UEG. His position is Admiral of UEG. UEG ENDZONE CO is the Admiral of  Halo 3 . Admirals are the highest rank in UEG and are responsible for ensuring that the UEG grows in accordance to values and principals upon which it was founded. Admirals serve on the UEG Council and UEG TWSTDHELL CO is the senior council member. Admirals are permitted to add “CO” after their UEG tags. CO Stands for  CommandingOfficer . Admirals oversee all promotions to Vice Admiral and are the only rank allowed to grant CIA status.

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