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More infomation. Rules and ranks.
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25th Dec 2014

Code of Conduct/Terms of Service:

UEG has a zero tolerance policy about the Code of Conduct/Terms of Service. This is something all people coming into UEG agree to abide by and uphold

Violations, among other things, consist of:

-Trash talking 
-Aggressive Behavior towards other gamers
-Squad Deranking - You can do this only if you go in with a full team and you do not Derank anyone else.

Cheating is manipulating any online playing which includes Modding, Bridging, Stand-bying, Forcing host, playing custom games or match made games with Modders, circle boosting, and action replay. If you put your HALO2 disc in the XBOX and play you are fine.

If you violate the Code of Conduct/Terms of Service, you may get one warning and then on the second warning you will get booted. Some violations may not require a first warning depending on the severity of the violation.

If you leave or get booted from the clan, not only are you banned from the clan but all the clans in UEG.

UEG believes the game should be played the way it was meant to be played and have fun.

Rank Structure:


UEG's rank structure is one of militaristic style. Its ranks, from lowest to highest with the corresponding symbol for each rank, includes

Recruit - Drone symbol
Private - Flaming Ninja symbol
Corporal - Spartan with swords symbol
Sergeant - Runes symbol toggled
Staff Sergeant - Triad symbol
Drill Sergeant - Diamond symbol (special unique rank)
Master Chief - H2: Sergeant symbol    H3: Stuck symbol toggled
Lieutenant - Delta symbol
Captain -Valkyrie symbol
Rear Admiral - Jolly Roger symbol
Vice Admiral - Skull King symbol
CIA - Subnova symbol (special unique rank)
Admiral - Phoenix

You must maintain your symbol at all time - THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. The symbols within UEG are uniform throughout all the clans so we can recognize ranks from other UEG clans.



Senior Officers:

The following are leadership members above the rank of clan members:

Rear Admiral (recognizable by XO, or executive officer, following gamertag)

Vice Admiral (recognizable by XO, or executive officer, following gamertag)

CIA (classified)

Admiral (recognizable by CO, or commanding officer, following gamertag)

You will encounter other UEG members. The way you can recognize the leadership is that all captains have the same symbol (VALKYRIE) and lieutenants have the DELTA.


Chain of Command:

All of the members are encouraged to share any issues or ideas with the Chain of Command. 

Make sure to utilize the Chain of Command to forward any issues or ideas. Start with the rank above you and they will make sure to get it to the Captain. Now if the next rank is not available, go to the next highest rank and proceed.



Clan Information:

We actively use the forums, which are accessible on the website. You should register your gamertag on the forums as well as the website. Many clans also have a sign-in/register page you will need to place your gamertag on within that clan's forum threads. POST IN THE FORUMS, NOT IN THE CHATBOX. THE CHATBOX IS A PLACE TO CHAT WITH MEMBERS THAT ARE ONLINE AT THAT TIME. MAKE SURE TO POST IN YOUR CLAN'S FORUM SECTION. If you are leaving for an extended period of time or are not going to be online for an extended period of time, let your captain know why before you leave. Otherwise, they might assume you are inactive and that may be grounds to boot you out of the clan. You must register before you cen get promoted from recruit. 

Once you have completed your registration familiarize yourself with additional information about what we have covered already. There are other links that you can explore and get acquainted with. Get used to using the forum as an exceptional tool.

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