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How to Recruit for United Extreme Gaming (Staff)
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25th Dec 2014

 How to Recruit for United Extreme Gaming (UEG)

Why should we recruit?

One thing we all need to know right off the bat is that recruiting is vital to the perpetuation of United Extreme Gaming (UEG).

When clan members rise through the rank structure there must be people coming in to fill in the void left. When recruiting is put on the backburner a clan becomes stagnant

We want UEG to continue to grow. Recruiting, especially recruiting with the right method, is the key.

Our purpose in this is to teach you as members of UEG the kind of people we want in our clan, how to find and recruit those people and to know and deliver a solid recruiting speech

Many clans fail in recruiting solid members because they go on an all-out blitz to get as many bodies into their clan as possible without checking into what type of person they are inviting into their group. One reason is because many clans base promotions just on how many recruits they bring into the fold.

UEG is different.

We want active members who, among other things:

1. Uphold the UEG Code of Conduct/Terms of Service.
The UEG Code of Conduct/Terms of Service is the backbone of what we believe in this gaming community. Clan members should know these nine points like Moses knew the Ten Commandments.

2. Are the type of people who will become great leaders in the future. Leaders are a reflection on the people who helped them advance. Likewise, you are known by those who rise under you in the rank structure.

3. Will have fun and be competitive as an active member of the clan. We really don't want to recruit a player who is on every other week.

4. Always seek what is in the best interests of the clan.

5. Get to know as many clan members as possible. This includes recruit up to Captain.

Many clan members say they do not know how to recruit. This is a guide to print out and keep by your XBOX to use when recruiting.

There is no excuse for an officer in UEG who does not know how to recruit. It is part of your duty to the clan.

How to find the UEG type of recruit:

A good way to find new recruits is to enter matchmaking alone or with another clan member. Usually one or two people works best; and showing off those UEG gamertags you all seem to want doesn't hurt either. The best game types to recruit in are those that require teamwork like skirmish or big team

Always present yourself in a professional gaming manner. Compliment teammates by saying good job or nice snipe or thanks for the heads up.Always present yourself as the UEG ambassador you are and don't react negatively to others who don't uphold the same standards of UEG.

Look for gamers who show respect to others, play fair and are professional in their gaming demeanor.

Ask them to play a few games with you. Get to know them a little better. If they continue to show the characteristics of an UEG gamer you proceed to ask them things like where they are from, how old they
are, how often they play, etc

If they are younger than 15 they can go into UEG's new AIR FORCE division.

The recruiting process:

Many of you are not exactly sure where to start when recruiting. We are publishing the following to aid you in this aspect of your duty:

UEG Recruiting Script: 


How old are you

If answer is why, then say - 

So that way we know what clan to place you in.

If answer is 15 or less -
Contact your captain and tell him you need an UEG AIR FORCE representative 

If answer is 15 -
Ask for birthday and verify, if person takes too long or provides the wrong answer, do not proceed any further since the person cannot be honest.

Have you ever been in an UEG clan before?

If answer is yes, contact a UEG lieutenant or captain immediately.


UEG stands for United Extreme Gaming.

UEG is looking for people who want to play and have a good time, not join and then disappear. You should be online playing at least once a week and plan on being an active member of the clan.

UEG is a growing gaming community with high standards. We are a gaming community that encourages fair play, no cheating, modding, etc.; and no trash talking, no discrimination, no sexism and no drama.

UEG members cannot be part of another gaming community.

UEG has many different types of tournaments among its different clans. There has been 2v2, 4v4, and 5v5. We usually have at least one weekly tournament.

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